• help_outlineSign-up and Booking a service
    Q : What all details do I need to provide to place an order?
    A : You have to provide your location, type of service, Bike Company, Bike model, date of booking and your mobile number to place an order.
    Q : How can I pay for the order I placed?
    A : You can pay either online or through cash on delivery. To pay online, we have two integrated payment gateways. You can make the payment on either one of those.
    Q : What all services are covered under gear6?
    A : We provide online booking for periodic servicing, repairs,Insurance Renewal, Accidental/Emergency aid, puncture. Apart from this we let you place queries directly to the service centers, and we also provide info about petrol bunks, and puc centers.
    Q : Can I change the service provider after I place an order? If yes, what is the procedure?
    A : Sure. Give a call to our customer Care. However, you can only change the service provider before 6 pm on the day prior to your scheduled order date.
    Q : Can I edit any booking details after placing an order? Can you elaborate on the process?
    A : Yes. You can update the details by calling our customer care or you can explain the same to our service executives as they come for the bike pick up on the date of order or you can write to us on support@gear6.in.
    Q : How can I login for the first time?
    A : On clicking “SignIn” link, you see an option as “New User” (at the bottom left corner of login modal window). You can signup by entering your mobile number and creating a password. You can also login/signup using facebook or google plus.
    Q : What is my user-id and password to login?
    A : Your user-id is the mobile number using which you have registered and password is the one you have created during sign up. If you haven’t registered yet, but placed an order, you get login credentials to your mobile number, after placing your first order. You can use them to sign-in to track your order.
    Q : What if I forget my login password?
    A : You can click on forgot password. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it and reset your password.
    Q : What if I change my mobile number? Can I change it in my account too?
    A : You have an option to update your mobile number in “My Profile” page. You can update your mobile number there which will be validated through an OTP.
    Q : Why do I need to give my details like gender and DOB for signup?
    A : Your account details stand as your identity at any stage. So we take these details in order to maintain user specific accounts. However, these details are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. Also, we will use your age and gender details to greet you accordingly when our executives give you a call. (Read terms & conditions for more info on privacy of your information).
    Q : I would like to avail pickup and delivery of bike. How can I do it?
    A : Yes,you can.On scheduling the service, your bike will be picked up by our delivery executives, from your mentioned address in the profile and once service is done, it will be delivered at your doorstep.
    Q : Can I book a service on any day?
    A : Yes. You can book service on any day. But, you cannot book the service for the same day. On the day services can be booked only for on-road emergencies.
    Q : Is it mandatory to avail pickup and delivery service?
    A : Yes. That is the convenience we provide to our customers.
    Q : Can I change my address after booking the service?
    A : Yes. You can update the details of your order by calling our customer care, before 6 PM on the day prior to the date of the service.
    Q : Do I have to give same address for pick up and drop off?
    A : Not required. You can call our customer care to update the drop off location.
    Q : My bike is in break down. What should I do?
    A : You can update the same while placing your order in the service/repair comments.
    Q : Do you do doorstep servicing?
    A : No. We take the inputs at your doorstep and get the bike serviced at an Authorized service center.
    Q : What if my bike meets with a problem during the time of transit?
    A : In case of Force Majeure during transit, we will not be responsible. However we will help you out in the Insurance recovery in case of any such situations.
    Q : What documents are required from my end at the time of bike pickup?
    A : We require the following documents : 1. Vehicle Registration Certificate
    2. Valid Insurance Certificate
    3. PUC certificate
    It would be great if you can provide us with the photocopies of the same. Else, our service executive will be taking a snapshot of the original copies of the above documents.
  • help_outlineCharges for Services and Payments
    Q : What are the charges for pickup and delivery?
    A : The rates are dependent on the distance from pick up location to service center.(rates given in the review page).
    Q : Will I be charged extra for this online booking other than the servicing/repair costs?
    A : No. The rates charged by the service center for the servicing/repairs are passed on to you for the payment. However, we charge a minimal convenience fee in the invoice apart from the service costs, which has to be paid at the time of delivery against the invoice.
    Q : When can I make the payment?
    A : If you chose to pay online, you have to pay before our executive drops your bike back, else, you can pay through COD, to our executive who comes to deliver your bike.
    Q : Can I trust online transaction?
    A : Yes, we have safe transaction encrypted with secure socket layers. We protect the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.
  • help_outlineCancellation / Rescheduling
    Q : Can I cancel a service?
    A : Yes. You can cancel the service by calling our customer care executive. Please note that the cancellation should be done 1 day prior to the service booking date. If the cancellation is donne on the day of the service, a nominal cancellation fee will be charged by gear6.in.
    Q : Can I reschedule a service? If yes, what is the procedure?
    A : You can. However, you have to reschedule it before 6 pm on the day prior to the scheduled order date.
  • help_outlineService Center queries
    Q : Will gear6.in be responsible for the quality of service?
    A : No. However we collect a feedback from you and follow up with the service centers accordingly.
    Q : Can I trust the service center?
    A : Yes, you can. We work only with the authorized service centers which are reliable.
    Q : How do i know if a service center has a holiday on a particular day?
    A : If a service center has a holiday on a particular day, the slots allocated to that particular service center will be zero on our portal.
    Q : Will I get any notification of my order status?
    A : Yes. At each stage of processing your order, we notify you through sms/mail about your order status.
  • help_outlineReferral related Queries
    Q : What is the offer?
    A : Get flat Rs. 75 off on your service order by referring/getting referred by your friends to sign up for gear6.in.
    Q : How to refer friends?
    A : Once you sign up, go to “My Profile” page. You can see your referral URL at the bottom of the page. Send the link to your friends. They should sign up using the URL provided by you and place an order. You will then get a discount coupon code to use on further orders.
    Q : How can I sign up using a referral?
    A : You need to receive a referral URL from a friend in order to get the discount. Once a friend sends you a referral URL, signup using the URL. You will get your discount coupon through mail.
    Q : I referred a friend and the friend got registered with gear6. I did not receive any coupon code. Why?
    A : You will get your discount coupon when your friend places the first order.
    Q : I referred a friend and the friend placed his first order. I did not receive any coupon code. Why?
    A : You will get the referral coupon only if your friend registered with the referral URL provided by you. If your friend did not sign up using the URL given by you, you and your friend, both will not get any discount coupons.
    Q : Can I avail this option on Cash on Delivery also?
    A : No. This offer is applicable only for online payment methods.
    Q : Can I use any coupon code? Will the coupon code be unique?
    A : This offer will have a unique coupon code which will be sent to your mail when you send or get referrals.
    Q : How many number of coupons can i use on a single order?
    A : You can use only one referral code on a service order. However, this offer can be clubbed with any other offer given by us at the time of placement of order.
    Q : Is there any minimum and maximum billing amount required to avail this offer?
    A : There is no minimum or maximum order amount to use this offer.
    Q : How many people can I refer at a time using my referral URL?
    A : You can refer any number of people using your referral URL. There is no limit on it.
    Q : Till when is my referral discount coupon code valid?
    A : You can use your referral coupon code before 12 months from the date of issue. However, gear6.in reserves the rights to terminate this offer without any notice.
  • help_outlineQueries related to bike servicing
    Q : How does your live tracking works?
    A : From the moment your bike gets picked up for servicing, you will be notified of every activity related to that order via text messaging/ via a call until your bike is safely delivered to you.
    Q : Are the prices shown on your website final?
    A : No, they are just a preliminary estimate of the services being done. An estimate of the prices will be given to you by our service executive once he delivers your bike in the service center.
    Q : When will the final prices be provided?
    A : The final prices will be provided after the repairs/servicing has been done. This will be updated to you by our service executive via call or message before the delivery of the vehicle.
    Q : What are extra/additional repairs?
    A : In certain cases, during the process of servicing, service center might detect some additional adjustments required for the bike apart from the repairs suggested at the time of estimation. These will arise majorly in the cases where the repairs are related to the internal parts of the vehicle. Our service executive will let you know of any such cases as soon as we get the infrmation from the service center.
    Q : Will there be an additional cost for these extra repairs?
    A : Yes. There will be an additional cost that is dependent on the scale of the repair. Our service executive will let you know of these charges (if any).
    Q : Will my bike be delivered on the same day if i give my bike before 11AM?
    A : On the day delivery will be possible only in the case of general servicing without any repairs and if the load at the service center is reasonable on that particular day. If the order has been placed for repairs or in case of any requirement of spare parts, your bike will be delivered the next day or as per the availability of the spare parts.
    Q : My bike is in breakdown condition. Will i get the same day delivery?
    A : We will try everything in our potential to make the same day delivery for your bike. But it all depends on the condition of your bike and the repairs your bike will incur.
    Q : Can i postpone the delivery time after the repair is done?
    A : Yes. You can call our customer care or the concerned service executive to postpone your delivery. But the delivery time you request for, should be before 8 PM. Anything after 8 PM will be delivered after 8 AM on the next day.
    Q : Will my bike be taken to the service center of my choosing?
    A : Yes. Your bike will be taken to the service center that you choose at the time of placement of the order.
  • help_outlineQueries related to post servicing
    Q : My bike has encountered with a problem post servicing? What should i do? Whom should i contact?
    A : gear6.in while providing convinience in dealing with your bike problems, is not responsible for the quality of the service. The quality of the service is dependent on the service center of the customer’s choosing. However, we will send our executive to inspect the problem and pickup the bike if required and get the problem solved at the service center. We will NOT be charging any convenience fee for this, but the service center charges (if any) have be paid by you.